The Rainmaker Seminar is designed to put you in the driver's seat for the rest of your career. You will be treated to the top strategies, concepts, ideas and practices of one of America's top printing salesmen. In addition, you will learn about the powerful behavioral tool for capturing excellence known as Modeling and use it to build new behaviors quickly and easily that will create abundant new sales for you and your company.


Being a Rainmaker is much more than being an excellent sales person. Being a Rainmaker means that you understand the difference between selling and building immense value. Séan McArdle and Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D., will open your mind and stretch your horizons so that you can see yourself succeeding at an entirely new level. Between Mr. McArdle's unique experiences selling printing and Dr. Woodsmall's intimate knowledge of human behavior, you can start using and profiting from the skills that will revolutionize your sales results. Most seminars are based on somebody's theory of what works. Modeling is based on what real Rainmakers actually do. Modeling is the process of capturing what an expert actually does and transferring the "what," the "why" and most importantly, the "how" to those who want to make dramatic increases in their ability to get results.

Dr. Woodsmall has modeled the behaviors that allowed Séan McArdle to become the "$100 Million Salesman" in the printing industry. Together, they will use these models created by Dr. Woodsmall to show you how to use the actions practiced by Mr. McArdle in a way that makes them understandable and easy for you to emulate. As a result, your performance will increase further and faster than what could ever be achieved by conventional training methods and practices.

This seminar is designed for a skilled sales representative. You should send the top producer or producers in your organization. A sales representative who has exhibited an unusual degree of skill and would like to learn how to take their results to the next level is the perfect candidate. Owners or chief executives should also consider coming to this seminar as they should be considered to be the leading Rainmakers in their organizations. Without question, one of the most powerful ingredients of this gathering will be the sharing that takes place among the participants.

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