LifeAnswers is organized in four divisions:
  • Corporate Training
  • Federal Agency Training
  • Convention and Meeting Keynotes
  • Training Technology
LifeAnswers, Inc., was established in 1992 to answer the basic question of why some succeed and others do not. Our first foray into the public spotlight took place when our founder, Séan McArdle, asked his friend and ESPN football analyst, Joe Theismann, to host a 30-minute documercial on his LifeMapping tape series.

We sold LifeMapping on television for one year while promoting large seminars around the country featuring Séan, business philosopher Jim Rohn, marketing guru Dan Kennedy and other nationally recognized speakers like Washington Legends Joe Gibbs and Joe Theismann. We changed our marketing strategy in 1994 when we turned directly to organizations interested in gaining new knowledge, skills and abilities that would aid them in meeting their organizational and personal missions.

Today, we deliver more than fifty different training programs to industry and government organizations utilizing the gifts of more than a dozen trainers and consultants. Séan McArdle is a nationally recognized and sought-after keynote speaker for meetings and conventions in the areas of sales, negotiation skills, change technology and strategic planning.

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